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15 Ways to Spend Friday Nights in College

August 28, 2017

15 Ways to Spend Friday Nights in College

With all the spontaneity college students can boast of, they are still rather predictable. All the clichéd situations about college life that you could have seen in movies have some truth in them. What I mean is that many college students have similar ideas and interests about how to spend Friday nights.

If you are a college student, your Friday nights might be spent in the following ways:

  1. Drinking Games

Yes, college is the place where it is easier to get access to alcohol than at high school. Therefore, this option frequently remains on top of the list for many students.

  1. Strolling around

In an urge to try to do something, you might not always come up with the idea to engage yourself in something exciting. Therefore, going for a stroll is a perfect opportunity to unwind and refresh your thoughts.

  1. Going with friends to the bar

You could easily buy some beer and drink it in your dorm room (and save money at the same time). However, a bar is a special place for college students since they can hit on someone there.

  1. Watching some movies

When you get fed up with the constant activity and desire to go somewhere, the perfect option for you becomes staying in the dorm, lying in your cozy bed and watching TV or movies online.

  1. Pigging out

Parents no longer control what you eat and whether it’s healthy eating at all. Therefore, for many students, Friday nights are perfect for pigging out on some pizzas, chips with beer or other stuff they were denied eating before.

  1. Party hard

A little party never killed nobody, right? So, college life is a perfect chance for you to catch up on partying.

  1. Trying to get acquainted with someone

No matter whether you will end up in a bar or in the local park on a Friday night, your main aim will still be to find some person with whom you can start romantic relationship.

  1. Listening to street music

Actually, college can boast of having many talented students. So, in case there are some amateur bands in your college, do not miss a chance and go outside to listen to them performing.

  1. Studying

Yes, yes, yes. You have not misread. Sometimes, Friday nights are just made for studying, especially if you have an upcoming exam over the weekend.

  1. Driving somewhere without any specific aim

If you have a car, you can just drive somewhere aimlessly. It’s another perfect opportunity to unwind and distract your attention from daily routine.

  1. Watching student performances

Often, there are some literature or theatre clubs in college, where students can try out their acting skills. Therefore, when there is such a possibility, come and support your friends or peers in their urge to express themselves.

  1. Work out

You might as well go to the gym, fitness club or simply run in the vicinities. With all the partying and bar strolls, do not forget to keep yourself in a good physical shape.

  1. Have dinner with parents

In case your parents come to visit you from time to time, organize a dinner for them and spend some quality time together.

  1. Go on a date

If your romantic relationship starts to develop, find time to go on dates in order to know that person better.

  1. Sleep

If you got tired of studying, partying, and all the other stuff, just get into bed and sleep J

Enjoy your life in college and try to make each Friday night special in its own way.


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