Your Relationship Status and What That Means For The Holidays

December 29, 2016

Your Relationship Status and What That Means For The Holidays

What to Do If Your Relationship Status Is the Topic of Conversations During Holidays

During holidays it will be impossible to avoid unwanted opinions from your relatives about your new relationship status. If you want to be armed with a couple of effective answers and stop heated discussions at the family table, choose your relationship status from the list and find out how to behave.

Never married and still single

What to expect: your relatives will demonstrate their curiosity by asking whether you have found someone already. If they are not satisfied with the answer, it is likely that they will offer you some “good” candidates.

How to act: as screaming “it is not your business” will only become another proof of your “imperfection”, it is better to be calm and switch the topic of conversation smoothly

Newly single after a breakup with someone your family liked

What to expect: the atmosphere will be sentimental. There will be questions about the reasons of your breakup and aspirations for future.

How to act: be patient to hear regrets about your breakup, because your ex has already become a part of the family. On the other hand, do not let anyone make yourself guilty of your breakup or question your choice.

Newly dating

What to expect: everyone will be curious about how you two met, so be ready to retell the story many times.

How to act: avoid talking about your plans for the future together. It is still too early to discuss expectations from the relationship.

Dating for too long and still not engaged

What to expect: you will hear “when are you going to get married?” over and over again.

How to act: constantly remind yourself that your family means good things. All in all, it may be your chance to pluck up the courage and propose to your partner.

Newly married

What to expect: it will be both exciting and stressful to find common ground with all the members of now-larger family.

How to act: relieve the stress by incorporating holiday traditions of both families. Choose rituals that are enjoyable and make everyone closer.

Newly divorced

What to expect: in addition to usual anger, hurt, and sadness, you will feel fragmented and slightly odd. There was a big number of people whom you considered your family and now they are gone.

How to act: although it will be hard to avoid thinking about your ex, focus on your future, not the past.

Whether your relationship status has changed or you hold the same “title”, remember that your relatives care for you. Express your love to them and there will be no awkward situations at the family table.

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