Setting up Your Planner for a New Semester

July 11, 2016

Setting up Your Planner for a New Semester

Well, it doesn’t really matter if this is your first semester in college or you are doing your 7th one, being more organized never hurt anyone.

Choose you planner! (Or planning system)

Yeah, I know that is a challenge, been there myself. I’m a proud owner of PPP (as their paper is the thickest one I found and I adore the layout). Erin Condren may have a bigger choice of stickers but they cost a fortune!!!  You can always go for Minted, The Happy Planner you can find at your local Michaels or even Moleskine. I promise I’ll prepare a guide on major planning systems as I’ve used to be a fan of Arc system.

Color Coding

There is no wrong or right way to color code, however there three main options: color-code by subject or by the due date, or let the color represent main sphere of your life (work-studying-personal). . Place it on the separate card (index or bookmark), put it in the week you’re now on, and try to make the best use of it.

Creative vs. Functional

There’s an endless debate on whether you should or should not decorate you planner.  It depends on you! If you’re a creative type and feel head over hills about all those stickers, washi and décor, you go girl!! However, there is no need to be ashamed if you are a functional type and you use your planner for work.


Make sure you put every significant date in. It’s especially important when you need to take a good care of you academic life, your job and personal life.


Will you go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas break? Do you need to buy tickets, presents or do something related to holiday season? Make sure you include everything into your planner.


Make sure you give it a try and make any amendments as you come up with any improvements in your system!


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