Parent’s guide: how to act when child goes to college

November 14, 2016

Parent’s guide: how to act when child goes to college

Being parents offers you two great moving events: children move in (get born) and children moving out (going to college). No doubt that all of parents pass both transitions during the process of child uprising. But in first case you’ve got 9 month to get ready to the event, at the same time as second event preparation takes about 18 years to get ready for. But most often when children move out, it’s a great shock for kids and parents.

That moment is actually the best time to tell children something inspiring, something that will lead them through all the college years and through all the life. And here everything matters: time, place, voice, words. Sure that absolutely inappropriate would be telling something about keeping room clean, ironing clothes before wearing or not forgetting about meals. Your speech has to be something really great and unforgettable, so try to think over words to say.     

Beforehand all parents have to give few lessons to kids. For better living in college your children should learn basics. First of all it’s cooking. Being on a meal plan is great but often there will be situations when lack of time or being too busy will lead to getting hungry. So, one has to get to know how to cook simplest and fastest meals by himself or herself – that might be quite useful. All in all in such a way students can save money, because cooking by yourself is much cheaper than having a meal plan in college.

On the other hand, one of living essentials is having clean clothes. Students often use college laundry, but it’s not for free. Moreover there are frequent cases of spoiling or bad cleaning of stuff. That’s why it’s far better to do such cleaning by your own. All in all this skill will always help you in future life.   

Sure you need to supply your kid with some wipes to keep the room clean and even a small vacuum cleaner which can be very helpful. Sincerely, there is no exact list that you have to buy for college room. But such a list can come from the essentials that you can’t live without at home. I don’t mean taking washing machine or dishwasher to small dorm room, but things like a small carpet near bed and table lamp for studying can make the process of living a bit more comfortable and cozy.

Become supportive parents. Answer questions your child may have, give advice that might be helpful. But never be too persistent. Get along with the fact that your beloved kid is growing up and it’s high time to learn how to be an adult, make decisions and be responsible for all your actions.

Plan a vacation. You deserve it. Go to the seaside or make a great trip all over the world. Become young again and have a great fun. I’m sure there’s still place for some new magnets on tour fridge. 


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