Intrigues of the Middle East Essay

The revolts or uprisings in the Arab world may leave Israel very isolated because some of the leaders who were perceived to be pro-western have been ousted or wreaked. With the ousting of Mubarak, there is no doubt that Israel has lost one of its most important allies in the region. Even though Egyptian interim military has pledged to adhere and honor the 1979 peace treaty, a new democratically elected government could adopt a very new tactic.

War between the Arab world and Iran is inevitable. There is no doubt that Iran is growing too strong as compared to other nations in the Middle East. As Iran grows in strength, other Arab nations are growing wear and suspicious of its intentions especially because Iran is dominated by Persians. The Arab world may turn against Persian-Iran because they feel that the Persians have an intention of taking over or even re-colonizing the Middle East.           

Indeed, America is at war with Pakistan. The increased drone bombing raids the United States is always carrying out in Pakistan without consulting the Pakistani authorities is a clear act of aggression.