How to Stay in Touch With Relatives at College

September 22, 2016

How to Stay in Touch With Relatives at College

All of us consider college time to be one of the greatest in our lives. We have fun, meet new people, fall in love and get valuable life experience. But it often happens so that while being busy studying or having fun we may forget about everything in the world. But there are people whom you can’t forget on any circumstances – your parents. Nowadays there are plenty of means of communication you may use for contacting each other. Sure they are missing you, and so you do. So try to provide them with some up-to-date information about your life events.

Make a call. There’s no need to call every minute during day and night. Just use some time during walking home from classes, having an evening walk, or just wasting time in your room doing nothing. Sure that you are not obliged to take a call from parents every time they want, but be a good kid and call them back when you have such a chance.

Sure that you spend plenty of time near computer while being busy studying, preparing some assignments, writing your coursework or browsing the internet. That’s why you will definitely find time for emailing your parents. You can do that anytime without real bothering them in the morning or late at night. Just write few words, tell that you love them and sure they’ll appreciate that.  

Don’t forget using text messages. When you have no time to call or no time for writing letters, use SMS. That’s a convenient way to share some special moments fast indeed. In few seconds your relatives will know about your receiving a high grade, starting new courses or even falling in love with somebody. But remember the fact that not all people are acquainted with message shorting, so try to give more details. 

Try defining special time for calling. That may seem annoying at first, but afterwards parents will get used not to call you too often. Even if you’ve missed time to call you can always call back and explain your being busy doing something. Also a good advice is to set special number of days when you don’t call or check in. This can be one call in five days or one call in 3 days, or any schedule you can imagine. In such a way it would be easier for them to get used to your being away. 

Call parents using a webcam. Many services today offer such an option. Such talk can be more pleasant and will create a feeling of being closer.

Surprise your relatives. Send an ordinary letter or a postcard. That will be a sudden pleasant moment that mom and dad will surely like.


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