6 Best Ways to Study at the Eleventh Hour

February 20, 2017

6 Best Ways to Study at the Eleventh Hour

Do not pretend that you are a perfect student who does homework on time. We all hate spending our precious college life on time-consuming assignments that never end. Even though we often delay complicated tasks until the last moment, there comes a time when we sit down and start doing them.

I am a little bit proud of the fact that I did my senior paper just before the final deadline and received A for it. In addition, my expertise in studying last minute is confirmed by the fact that I passed all the classes successfully despite the fact that I always do my homework several hours before it is due.

Effective Methods to Complete the Assignments in the Nick of Time

Keep your headphones handy

In order to do your tasks quickly, you will need a lot of concentration. Finding a quiet place is significant, but if it is impossible, carry your headphones with you. This device will help you focus on the task and will motivate you with powerful music.

Use Spotify or Pandora to create your playlist

Having motivational playlist will encourage you to perform better. If you listen to random music and waste time on skipping uninteresting songs, use Spotify or Pandora to make up your perfect playlist for studying.

Stock up your workplace with food

It is practically impossible to study effectively with an empty stomach. Moreover, an urgent visit to a food store is a perfect excuse for delaying your homework. So, stock up your room, pockets and bag with snacks beforehand.

Make friends with at least one student in the course

Having a mate in the class is especially rewarding when you need to reach someone to ask a quick question. Moreover, he/she will always remind you about significant deadlines and changes in the schedule.

Read chapter summary and save time

When you have no time to go through the entire chapter, save your time by reading its summary only and focus on the ideas that are outlined in it.

Read the syllabus

Syllabus may actually answer many questions, which you have about the course. In addition to important deadlines, your syllabus contains information on what should be studied for the final test. So, take advantage of the syllabus and check it before asking your professor a question.

From my own experience, I can tell that doing assignments at the last moment is risky. However, if you are ready to throw caution to the wind, follow these tips and do your homework effectively.


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